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Player Name: Lills
Player DW: [personal profile] silvermoonshade
Contact: MSN:Onebrightspark, AIM:xxonebrightspark, [ profile] Burningbrightly
Character Number: 1
Character: Chandra Nalaar
Fandom: Magic the Gathering

One of the best ways to describe Chandra is fire personified. She is reckless, dangerous, and destructive, but also passionate, warm and dynamic. Her personality is shaped more or less from the influence of red mana which resides in mountains, volcanoes and rocky crags. It influences her personality and enhances her natural, explosive attitude. Occasionally she can be too rash or reckless, resulting in dangerous situations. Other times, she can be more tempered and dynamic, allowing her to adapt to new things. She is also a born fighter who does not give up or give in easily.

Her desire for freedom also influences many of her decisions and often puts her at odds with authority figures. This rebellious nature began when she was young, even before she became a planeswalker. From birth she was fated to be a trouble maker. She was born with a natural affinity for Pyromancy into a world where fire magic was becoming more and more illegal to use. Regardless of the dangers using such magic possessed, she would go off and practice fire magic in the mountains that surrounded her home. When her family decided that marrying her off would settle, her down, she lashed out at them, naturally using fire in the hopes that it would scare them(her parents) and her prospective husband away. Unfortunately, it had undesired results and half the village burned down.

This act of devastation drew attention form the authority figures. A group of law enforcers from an order that promoted 'peace', 'harmony' and 'order' rode out to the village in response to what they thought was an outbreak of fire worshiping rebels. The entire village, along with with Chandra's family, was put to the torch. Upon seeing this happen, Chandra rushed to the villages aide. She fought against the guards to no avail. With the death of her family, she collapsed onto the ground and was taken prisoner. If not for her planeswalker spark igniting, she would have died that day.

Chandra does not have much of a family life going for her. As a drifter more often than not, she rarely stays in place for long, but when she does form social connections, they tend to form fast and be strong. She can quickly become attached and protective of the people she connects to.

She is a trouble maker at heart, she does not mind getting into the thick of things and has become quite adept at getting herself sticky situations. She seems to find trouble no matter where she goes. But then again, she also tends to look for trouble anyway. When she does get into a mess, she can usually extract herself, but every so often she will need a helping hand from someone else and Chandra is almost always willing to take help when offered, no questions asked.

This cavalier attitude can be dangerous, especially since she can be too trusting at times. In fact, her naivety has burned her more than once. She tends to trust people who appear to be helping her without questioning their motives. It is exemplified over and over again throughout her life as she encounters various people. For example, she allows herself to trust Gideon, only to find out later that he is a member of the Order of Heliud, the very same order that wants her contained.

Again and again, it is shown in her interactions with strangers that appear to be helping her. The second time this is exemplified is then she enlists a ruin sage named Anowon to help her find the Eye of Ugin The vampire almost kills her, but at the last moment, a stranger by the name of Sarkhan Vol appears and saves her, only to turn around and question the reason why she was there. When it becomes apparent that Sarkhan is not all there, Chandra continues to follow him into the Eye. It is only after she finds out that the Eye of Ugin isn't 'bauble' that she decides to leave. Sarkhan decides to stop her by turning into a dragon and fighting her. Only the timely intervention of Jace kept her alive as she once more listened to the advice or a near stranger/enemy in order to fight the dragon and defeat it.

Chandra is also very physical and hands on. She has no problem throwing down in a fight and has instigated her fair share. While she would prefer to use fire and magic as her first line of defense, she also has no problems using physical force as well and can fight with punches and kicks rather effectively. She was able to keep a vampire at bay with her fists alone while her magic was misbehaving on Zendikar.

Since her nature is so out there, there is very little subtlety in what she does. She is flashy, and noticeable, even when she isn't trying to get attention. And while she isn't above stealing, she tends to do it on a grander scale, brazenly taking what she wants, rather than opting for slight of hand. She is more likely to steal something locked up in a vault, than take something from someone's pocket.

She does also have a compassionate side for while fire can burn and destroy, they can also nourish and warm. This gentler side of her, which is often not seen, resides in her concern for others. She will put herself into harms way rather than let someone else suffer for it, especially if it is her fault. Part of this is because of the guilt she felt over the part she played in the death of her family. Another example is when another planeswalker, comes to take back a powerful scroll that she stole, he uses a child from the monastery as bait. Chandra was willing to give up the scroll to see the child safe. Another time this is shown is when the Monastery comes under attack by the Order, the people within are willing to die to help defend Chandra. Rather than allow them to die on her behalf, Chandra surrenders and is taken away.

During her ordeal with the Order of Heluid, Chandra manages to gain some focus and control over her explosive personality and fire magic. While she is still a wild and untamed person, she can also keep things in perspective and sometimes reign in her more impulsive side if the need is great enough. Even with her new found focus, she still dislikes authority figures but is less likely to set someone of fire if she is having a bad day. Her most recent encounter with Jace Beleren is proof of that. When she had an opportunity to finish him off, she chose not to, instead allowing him to live even knowing that it could cause problems for her in the future.

She knows she has a volatile nature, so occasionally she will try to bring it under control. In spite of her unbound personality. Chandra will take advice and listen to others if the advice is sound, or at the very least reasonable. She is not stupid after all, just a bit brash and hot headed.

While she is impulsive and sometimes careless, she can also be pretty cunning and clever. When she first got the Dragon Scroll, she had copies made of it so that the knowledge would not be lost if and or when someone came to reclaim it. Chandra also values ingenuity and improvisation in magic and has sued this to good effect herself, especially when she managed to create ghost fire by making a flame that could not be seen.

Because of the part she played in the death of her village and family, Chandra suffers occasionally from nightmares. It also the key reason as to why she never stays in one place for too long. She does not like her past catching up to her. Even after cleansing her soul in the Purifying Fire, she remains a restless spirit, never staying anywhere for long.

History: Wiki

Timeline: Taken from just after she leaves Zendikar.

As a pyromancer, she can summon and control fire. She is immune to being hurt by flames as are her clothes. When she gets worked up emotionally (usually angry) or when she uses her magic, her hair bursts into flames and her eyes glow bright yellow. Fire erupts around her hands as well. Recently, she learned to create an ethereal fire called ghost flames, but having only done it once, she is not skilled in that application of fire.

As a planeswalker, she has the ability to travel in between planes/worlds of existence. This is usually done through a place called the Blind Eternities which is the chaotic fabric in between all the planes. It is made up of aether which is raw, chaotic mana and only a planeswalker is capable of surviving there for any length of time. They usually just refer to this ability as 'walking. It is not an exact science when they travel. They can usually only go into the general vicinity of where they want to go and once on a plane, cannot use their ability to just move around that world/plane, they have to use normal means of travel (or whatever form of travel the world offers).
In the past, Planeswalkers were all but gods in their own right, but recently (after the revisions done by Wizzards of the Coast) planeswalkers are more or less vulnerable to death and disease. They need to eat and sleep, and if they do not have a means to do it themselves, need healing as well when injured. A planeswalker can over time or with the right spells or artifacts, find a way to become immortal or immune to anything. This usually takes a long time and a lot of effort. Chandra is relatively young as far as planeswalkers go so she has not even begun to look into or even master the art of extending her life or making herself invulnerable to disease or illness.

Summoning: She can summon flame elementals and fire creatures such as phoenixes and even fire dragons. These elementals and fire creatures are often beings made up of fire and magic, so they can be destroyed by dispelling magic, copious amounts of water or another creature being able to rip them apart.

To a lesser extent she can also effect the earth and sky. With earth, she can cause rockslides, avalanches and earthquakes. All of which are very localized to the immediate area around her.
As for effecting the sky, she can cause bolts of lightening to come down, but again it is localized to her area only and is very rarely used, if ever.

Predominantly, she uses fire, fire and more fire to solve all her problems when wit or gold won't suffice.

Lastly, she is also physically fit and more than able to throw a few punches and kicks around. She only falls back on this if the use of fire is detrimental or not readily available. While she never had any formal training in the use of hand to hand combat, she more than makes up for it in fury and raw power.

Clothes: Red cloth and leather dress, breastplate and chainmail. Metal shoulder pads, fingerless gloves with banded metal on the backs of them. Bracers on her forearms with red gems set in them that help her control her fire magic. Thigh high leather and metal boots, metal and leather goggles with red glass lenses. She also carries on her a coin purse with currencies from several different planes, mostly gold and silver coins, or whatever else is considered valuable where she goes. Also had a red cloth cloak with a hood that she can pull over her head.

Link to an image of the character: Girl on Fire (Katniss Everdeen has nothing on her) Not so Fiery.

Prose Sample:
Chandra was used to 'walking into strange places. After all, planeswalking was not an exact art, but rather more of a generalization. So far, this area was new, or at the very least, new to her. She glanced around taking in the sight of gloomy trees at twilight and the sent of a forest damp with the mist that was beginning to rise off the ground.

She could feel the mana of this world as well and it pooled around her in an unusual fashion, causing her to pause while she sorted out the strange feeling flooding around her. This place was rich in mana, that much she could tell just by looking at it. But there was something else, something that she could not quite pick up. Discovering aspects of magic was sadly not her forte, so she gave up for the moment once she felt her own mana present. Somewhere in the distance there were mountains and that was good enough for her.

Being in a forest was not improving her mood, so she began to trudge through it. The sounds of the woods always set her on edge. She preferred the sweeping, rugged majesty of mountains to that of the chatty, enclosed forest. While she was not claustrophobic, the closeness of the trees did make her feel uncomfortable, if only because eh imagined numerous eyes watching her while she trudged her way along.

Up ahead of her, she heard a noise. It sounded like singing, but it was too faint to make out. Driven by curiosity, Chandra quickened her step, eager to meet a denizen of this plane and find out just where the hell she was. As she moved faster, the sound seemed to grow fainter, teasing her. As the wood was getting progressively darker with each passing moment, Chandra summoned a flame into her hand to use as a guiding light.

Around her the forest seemed to groan and creak ominously even there was no wind to stir it. Hearing the sounds of a forest coming alive, Chandra stopped in her tacks to take another look around. She was not stupid, and her previous experiences with a wide variety of planes, she knew somehow that the forest itself was alive, or at the very least inhabited by spirits who didn't like fire.

Quickly, she extinguished her flame, letting the growing darkness surround her. It was done more as a test to see if the noises stopped, rather than because she was intimidated. As the forest started to grow quiet once more, she again kindled a flame, this time one no bigger than a finger length on the tip of her index finger.
Again the forest began to groan, but not nearly as loud as before.

Satisfied, she began to chase after the faint singing, that lingered just on the edge of hearing. Gradually it began to grow louder until Chandra could make out distinct words. It was a haunting, alien melody that soothed her mind, making her aware of just how tired she was growing. She began to hum along to the tune, or at least try to, but her lips felt stiff and immobile. Her eyes felt heavy as if weighed down by stones. Feeling an overwhelming urge to lie down, she did so, slowly collapsing onto the ground. The flame on her fingertip extinguished itself, plunging her into the eerie darkness of the forest once more. In moments she was curled up, fast asleep.

Journal Sample:
[Ranting into a recording at the moment, more to vent her frustrations, than because she really wants to talk to anyone at this point in time.]

I came to Zendikar on a wild goose chase it seems. Am I disappointed? You damn straight I am, and pissed too! You'd think after three years I'd have something to show for all the hard work and effort I put into that thrice damned Dragon Scroll? But nooo. Nothing, nothing at all! Except of course for a bruised backside thanks to that lunatic person... dragon... thing over at the Eye.

[She huffs visibly, trying to control her temper. She disappears off screen for a moment and sounds of her muttering can be heard as well as the sound of something going up in a loud WHOOSH.. She returns a few seconds later. Her hair which had been fiery for a second was already transforming back into strands of normal, crimson hair.]

There. I feel better. But not much. I need to get some answers before I write off this whole ordeal. I'll do that tomorrow I think, when I've had some time to calm down. And sleep.

[Glances off screen, presumably towards the direction that is her bed.]

Guess this is g'night then.

[she reaches towards the recorder, getting ready to switch it off, when another thought seems to cross her mind and she stops, dropping her hand away. Her face becomes petulant as she scowls into the camera.]

You want tto know what else? Jace was there. I don't know how or why, but he was there. I might have killed him, but he was … sort of helpful in beating the over grown lizard.

[It was obvious that she did not like admitting this fact as she made a face.]

The worse thing? He's the one that got me so worked up about the scroll, asking me about who sent me after it. And babbling about how it wasn't a coincidence that we met. I had to leave before he pried things outta my head...

[she shakes her head. And runs a hand through her mane of hair.]

Enough! I don't want to think about this mess anymore. Time for bed.

[With that, she reaches over and flicks the recorder off.]


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