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Name:Chandra Nalaar
"Utterly is my favorite way to destroy something."

"Which do you think is a better deterrent: a moat of water or one of fire?"

"Lighting a fire needs kindling and heat. You be the kindling. I'll bring the heat."

"Spontaneous combustion is a myth. If you burst into flame, someone wanted you to."

OOC: Chandra Nalaar is from the Magic The Gathering Universe and is a pyromancer and a planeswalker.
As a pyromancer she can summon and use fire at will. She draws her powers primarily from red mana which can be found in mountains, rocky crags, volcanoes and other hot, explosive and rugged places.
As a planeswalker, she can travel to any plane of existence/ any world through the Blind Eternities. (The Blind Eternities are the chaotic aether where all mana comes from).

Her age, while not listed, appears to be between 18-20.
She has big issues with authority figures and has a dynamic and sometimes explosive personality.

Both mun and character are over 18.
mun's timezone is gmt +8, meaning if its (7am in NY, it's 7pm here)
Obviously of course, this goes without saying that this is a RP journal :)
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